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Visa Gift Card FAQs

Visa Card Orders

Visa Card Recipients


Can I add additional funds to my Visa Gift Card?

No, these Visa Gift Cards are not reloadable.

Can I make a purchase for more than the amount remaining on my Visa Gift Card?

No. Some merchants will permit “split transactions”, where they charge you the exact amount available on your Visa Gift Card, then you pay the remaining amount with another payment method via a 2nd transaction, similar to splitting a bill in a restaurant. Some merchants do not accept split transactions however, so please check with the cashier beforehand, or your card is likely to be declined.

How do I activate this Visa Gift Card?

You do not have to activate our cards, they will be active on arrival.

How do I check the status of an order?

You can check the status of an order by logging into your account on this site and then selecting the My Account tab to view your order(s), or by contacting cusotmer service. Please note that our cards are shipped by First Class Mail, so it’s not possible to provide a tracking number for our card shipments, and the order status will only indicate if your order has shipped or not.

How do I check the balance of my Visa Gift Card?

You can check your balance online at Merchants and retailers will not be able to tell you how much money is on your Visa Gift Card, so please check your card balance before shopping to make sure your card has enough funds available to pay for your intended purchase(s), or your card will be declined.

How do I register my Card?

To register your Visa Gift Card please visit

How does this Visa Gift Card work?

Our Visa Gift Cards can be used wherever Visa is accepted, including online. To use the card in–store, swipe the card in the terminal, then sign the receipt if required by the merchant or retailer.

To use this card to shop online, you may need to register it first so that you’re able to provide the cardholder address details that some ecommerce sites require when checking out.

Every time your Visa Gift Card is used, the purchased amount will be deducted from the available balance until that balance reaches zero. Once the entire amount on the card has been spent, it can no longer be used as a method of payment. Please note that our Visa Gift Cards are not reloadable.

Where can I use this Visa Gift Card?

You can use your Visa Gift Card worldwide, anywhere that Visa is accepted. Please see for further information.