About Us

IncentiveCardStore.ca is the official online gift card destination targeted at small, medium and large businesses and operated by Blackhawk Network. It is a great way for businesses to reward, motivate and show appreciation to employees, customers and business partners, through incentive and reward campaigns.

IncentiveCardStore.ca makes it easy for businesses to buy popular brands online such as Visa and leading Canadian retailers in the restaurant, apparel, electronics, books and music categories along with many others. You can purchase gift cards in a variety of denominations. Fulfillment options include eGift delivery by email for our closed-loop gift cards. Physical plastic cards, including Visa prepaid cards, can be delivered through various options including regular mail and courier.

Blackhawk Network pioneered branded value to help brands create rewarding experiences and relationships that drive sales, productivity, loyalty and growth. Our programs, platforms, and technology combine innovative branded value content and business services to reach and engage connected consumers through our unique global networks—in-store, B2B, employee, publisher, online, wallet, loyalty, rebate and exchange. Branded value can help you break down barriers and open up a dialogue to enable commerce, deepen customer and sales channel relationships, and engage employees. Blackhawk Network understands today’s crowded marketplace. We began in the very heart of the retail industry-grocery where brands have long competed on the crowded shelves for customer attention and affection. In 2001, Blackhawk invented a whole new way for brands and retailers to motivate consumers when we launched third-party retailing of gift cards. We are headquartered in Pleasanton, California and our Canadian head offices are located in Toronto, Ontario.